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UniMET expands with EGMDSS

UniMET (Unification of Marine Education and Training) project will expand the unification process with successfully concluded EGMDSS project throughout its partnership across Europe. This will help unify certification training on GMDSS (Global Maritime Distress Signalling).

UniMET expands with EGMDSS

UniMET project has recently commenced with a good will to harmonise the Maritime Training and Education across the Europe. The partnership has been built up with 9 Stakeholders including Universities, Academies, research centres and associations.

In 1998, the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) added the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) requirements to the International Convention to improve the safety of life at sea. These requirements entered force in 1992, and were phased in gradually until 1999. This was an extremely significant development. It offered far more flexibility and features than the old fashioned signalling lamp, Morse code, and International Code of Signals. However, access to GMDSS knowledge was limited that has also lead MET training to be substandard across. This also discourages the certified seafarers to refresh their knowledge.

To address this problem, 11 major European maritime education and training organisation have come together and developed the EGMDSS course which is available online for seafarers (

EGMDSS initially developed SRC (Short Range Certificate) courses. It achieved substantial success and recognition within the maritime community, and further support was secured from European Union for the EGMDSS-VET project. A core element of the new project was the Long-Range Certificate (LRC) course. This course is of benefit to radio operators on vessels which are fitted with MF/HF radio or satellite equipment, which includes many small commercial and recreational vessels not covered by the SOLAS convention.

EGMDSS online course is now seeking for accreditation through the UK’s largest awarding body BTEC/EDEXCEL, in which the seafarers will gain certificates with just one click.

UniMET will introduce and adapt the EGMDSS with a good cooperation with its 9 partnership consortium.

The more news will be available about this news at the forthcoming days.

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