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UniMET delivers MARTEL

UniMET (Unification of Marine Education and Training) project will deliver MARTEL project throughout its partnership across Europe. This is expected to unify linguistic issues of Maritime English in Maritime Training and Education.

UniMET delivers MARTEL

UniMET project has recently commenced with a good will to harmonise the Maritime Training and Education across the Europe. The partnership has been built up with 9 Stakeholders including Universities, Academies, research centres and associations.

Within the schedule of proposed project, the UniMET will introduce and deliver the MARTEL to all its partnership. This will help the current substandard education in Maritime English.

Martel has established a set of standards by transfer of innovation from existing English language standards and maritime English model courses such as IMO SMCP. Martel aims to provide standards equivalent to those held by TOEFL and IELTS specific to the Maritime industry. Martel Tests and Learning Materials are available from the MarTEL website free of charge (

The successfully completed MarTEL project has lead to another development phase, MarTEL Plus. Martel Plus builds upon the MarTEL project, which implemented a series of English language tests for professional seafarers, incorporating the International Maritime Organisation’s (IMO) Standard Marine Communication Phrases (SMCP). In response to the recently revised STCW code (2010), Maritime English tests for ratings will be created. A set of guidelines for Maritime English Teachers, a more comprehensive speaking test, and a mobile phone practise test will also be developed. The more information about MarTEL Plus is available at (

The more news about UniMET project will be available at forthcoming days.

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