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UniMET June News: UniMET Project is concluded

UniMET project funding period has officially ended. Final reports on the progress made during the project lifetime have been submitted to EACEA. The UniMET project has led to development of full UniMET programmes which comply with STCW2010.

UniMET June News: UniMET Project is concluded

The results of UniMET project are being maintained at post funding stage with new improvements and developments. Especially, further changes to STCW2010 are being closely monitored as there are still more to be finalised by International Maritime Organisation (IMO).

Encouraging news was received from external evaluator, Pearson Qualifications International, on the overall quality of UniMET programmes showing their satisfaction with the programmes’ compliance with Edexcel/BTEC Higher National Diploma (HND) requirements. They have agreed to support the intended formal piloting of UniMET Generic Programmes at Piri Reis University (PRU) as a part of the university’s new diploma programmes which is set to commence in 2013-14 academic year.

Students transferred to the UK for post-HND programme (TRAIN 4Cs III), as part of UniMET Programmes concluded their studies at City of Glasgow College. TRAIN 4C III mobility programme was designed to benchmark the UK’s Maritime Education and Training programmes. One UniMET student managed to successfully pass both written and oral exams set by the UK’s Maritime Coastguard Agency (MCA). This enabled the UniMET project to validate its paths through The TRAIN 4Cs mobility programmes as was the case with Safety On Sea (SOS) programmes. A meeting was also conducted with TRAIN 4Cs students at Centre for Factories of the Future offices to gather further feedback on their experience.

Two paper abstracts were submitted by Centre for Factories of the Future and Piri Reis University which was accepted by IMLA21 Conference paper committee. The conference is set to take place on 9-12th October 2013 in Newfoundland, Canada.

UniMET consortium invites new associate partners to join UniMET. A number of new associate partners have already joined to UniMET. For instance, University of LJUBLJANA, Faculty of Maritime Studies ( in Slovenia and Instituto Nautico “N. Bixio” – Piano di Sorrento and Transport in Italy have joined the UniMET in March 2013. Any maritime education and training institutions, industrial stakeholders and decision makers from across Europe can join UniMET Partnership as an Associate partner. To become an associate member of UniMET, please contact the project manager.

UniMET has an active LinkedIn page where a number of discussions are taking place. If anyone interested to join, here is the link:

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