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UniMET Seminar and Final Conference

UniMET Seminar and Final Conference were held on 24th and 25th January 2013, at Bottiglieri Shipping Company Conference room, in Naples, Italy. The seminar and conference theme was structured to illustrate the benefits of the UniMET Programmes and to promote the transfer of good practices between MET institutions throughout Europe. Examples of and discussions about UniMET and how it could be implemented within different institutions/countries was provided. Achievement of UniMET project has to be remarkable. It was reported that the Key policy makers, stakeholders, awarding and licensing bodies were invited to various UniMET dissemination events.

UniMET Seminar and Final Conference

All partners as well as a number of people attended to the conference representing major organisations across Europe e.g. MET Institutions, policy makers, maritime stakeholders, ship-owners etc. UniMET consortium had an opportunity to present the results of UniMET project achieved during the last two years which the project was being implemented.

The presentations by partners and keynote speakers invited to the seminar and conference were carried out on the following topics and after each presentation a panel was conducted to receive the questions and feedback from the attendees:

  1. Maritime Education and Training in Europe
  2. Overview and Comparison of different MET solutions in Europe
  3. UniMET Approach
  4. Maritime English
  5. Electro Technical Officer Course

Furthermore, a non-formal discussion took place on the following topic with those in attendance concerning:

  1. Best practices in MET in EU countries
  2. Enhancing standards of MET over and above the existing STCW requirements
  3. Demonstrating the need for standards for/in Maritime English
  4. Enabling further mobility of seafarers across Europe and worldwide
  5. Engaging policy makers to support key tools in order to harmonise MET across Europe

Overall, the seminar and conference were successful and the intention is to carry out further seminars and conferences at the post-funding stage of the project was discussed.

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