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UniMET 5th Partner Meeting

UniMET 5th Partner meeting (Final) was held on 24th January 2013 in Naples, Italy. All UniMET partners attended the meeting and discussed the project progress since the last meeting (the 4th partner meeting) and reviewed the arrangements for and plans of the post-funding period. The photo below shows the project partners with the host organisation, Bottiglieri Shipping Company.

UniMET 5th Partner Meeting

Professor Dr Reza Ziarati, Chairman of C4FF and the Vice Rector of Piri Reis University, is sitting next to MR bottiglieri, the CEO of Bottiglieri Shipping Company. Mr Giuseppe Balzano, the President of Italian Shipping Research Association, far left, is seating next the Mr Bottiglieri and at the far right is Capt. Dr Ergun Demirel. In the back from left to right are Mr Ugurcan Acar, Project Officer at C4FF; Arturas Virketis, Lecturer at LMA; CEng. Sezai Isik, Lecturer at PRU; Capt. Cees Muyskens, Lecturer at MIWB; Capt. Heikki Koivisto, Director at SUAS; Prof. Dr. German De Melo, Professor at UPC; Capt. Janusz Uriasz, Director at OPR, Capt. Fabrizio Cirnigliaro, Confitarma and Tomaz Gregoric, Director Spinaker d.o.o

It has been over 2 years since EU-funded project UniMET (Unification of Marine Education and Training) commenced with participation of 9 partners across Europe. The project intended to harmonise the core of Maritime Education and Training (MET) of seafarers based on the STCW78 as amended (1995) and to incorporate good practices in partner institutions with an aim of disseminating the results of the project and exploiting the UniMET compliant programmes across Europe and Worldwide. With the advent of STCW amendment in June 2010 and subsequent revision of some of the IMO model courses, the project was extended to ensure all amendments introduced in June 2010 are incorporated and the UniMET programmes are in line with IMO revised model courses.

Maritime Education and Training (MET) is a highly complex set of programmes and courses. Furthermore, with the introduction of new major changes with STCW2010, it has been much more challenging for the MET institutions to update their programmes to satisfy STCW2010 minimum requirements. UniMET ensured that 5 UniMET MET partner institutions are STCW compliant using a unique cross-referencing technique and quality assurance and control system. /p>

A series of the discussions were taken place during the partner meeting. The following is some of the topics discussed:

  1. Summary of Dissemination and Exploitation activities and plans for the future at post-funding stage
  2. The preparation of new articles, newsletters and papers for dissemination of project results
  3. Development of new project leaflet
  4. Preparation of the Evaluation and Steering committee reports
  5. Design of Project CD
  6. Update of cross-referencing tables based on the recent changes of STCW2010 and IMO model courses
  7. Invitation to attract new associate partners

UniMET, during its post-funding period, intends to take the opportunity of inviting new MET providers to join the consortium. Any maritime education and training institutions, industrial stakeholders, and decision makers in Europe can join the UniMET Partnership as an Associate partner.

In return, UniMET offers Associate Partners a range of benefits:

  1. Participation in UniMET events (e.g. meetings, workshops, seminars, conferences)
  2. Access to UniMET reports, evaluations, papers
  3. Free access and use of UniMET products
  4. Access to UniMET programmes and constituent elements
  5. Serving as a member of the UniMET steering committee
  6. Support in organising UniMET events and activities
  7. Involvement with European platforms

To become a member of UniMET, all is need is to contact the project manager Contact Page

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